My Acheivements

I wanted to share few vital acheivements in my professional journey being in the industry for 32 years.

Few Vital Acheivements

Listed here are the summary highlights.


In-House Development

Emphasised in-house development for all vital & core products of the organization.


Considering the future, cost and business ever-changing requirements, implemented re-engineering of core products.


Worked towards every IT function invests time for innovation, which bought changes in delivery.

Digital Transformation

First started in a small and meticulous approach of true digital transformation by touching 70% of automation.

Info Security

My primary focus to ensure info security is implemented @ database, app, network, server and end point level.

Delivery Strategies

Most of the projects were planned and delivered with 100% professional approach following standard methodologies.

IT Savings

While it is a challenge, could acheive good IT savings in the CAPEX and OPEX in IT budgets.

True Enable Function

Won laurels from internal and external stakeholders, users and other entities and stood as #1 true business enable function among other operation departments.

  • Recognized for expanding the practice by 15% YoY, and managing $213 million of business by delivering projects offshore; played a key role in developing in-house software products, using Microsoft / Java / IBM, Oracle and open source technologies
  • Pivotal in re-engineering core business application with latest technology, delivering ROI, business value, increased user experience to gain market leadership
  • Executed: DLP, High speed Storage Solutions, VDI, Public & Private Cloud, Information Security to manage 5300+ customer business HOLAP model Data Warehousing with BI implementation for MIS & DSS implementation creating business wise data marts. Spearheaded mobile app development with DB Cache Manager Implementation
  • App central: A Single Sign On & Single Window End 2 End technology support – connecting business, vendors, customers, government, financial institution and suppliers
  • Gained recognition for improving application performance by focusing at code, db., system, network and architecture levels¬†
  • Integrated upstream & downstream third party applications like DMS, SAP and other products to the core application
  • Acted as a change agent, created innovative, yet intuitive technology environment aligned with business; directed sophisticated implementations valued to $250M+
  • Secured $350K yearly savings in 8 months by rolling-out 100% paperless processes
  • Decreased costs and streamlined support, while ensuring global data availability; gained recognition for reducing 680 desktops, switching to a virtualized Citrix architecture, with secure thin clients
  • Extended supplier and customer functionality by creating corporate websites
  • Managed 196+ virtualized servers at 3 sites which is supported by real-time replication and failover, full redundancy, and business continuity strategies
  • Enhanced organization business networks against established rivals, through technical expertise and reliability.
  • Developed record of success by refining strategic skills, that contributed to impact organization investments
  • Played a key role in achieving 100% successful IT stand-up for the enterprise through nationwide evaluation and testing of all offices, business units, desktops, servers and software; architected all internal IT policies/procedures
  • Restructured IT organization into four distinct teams aligned with new business strategy
  • Reduced: Cost-of-ownership by negotiating contracts with IBM, Microsoft, AT&T, and more
  • Time to resolve IT issues from weeks to hours by introducing IBM based remote support
  • Kudos from once-dissatisfied users and ended IT personnel travel between organization worldwide offices
  • Cross-functional support for new vision in an environment, where IT had been “untrustworthy”
  • Reintroduced IT with a listening tour, designed to educate key stakeholders on getting requests fulfilled
  • Appreciated for achieving 95% adherence to new Service Level Agreements negotiated with each department
  • Raised IT Team morale and reduced turnover by instilling a culture of open communication; drove continuous improvement by building team members’ ideas into IT process improvement strategies
  • Delivered world-class support to customers by launching “24/7/365” Help Desk with 153+ seater support team
  • Improved productivity worldwide, by accelerating SAP Optimization Project
  • Implemented Order Management, Purchases and Financial integration on AS400 systems connecting to IBM ES 9000 in HONDA Motor Co. Ltd. Japan
  • Migrated Readers Digest entire Sales Process from IBM mainframe to n-tier Oracle based architecture, which managed the worldwide sales of the organization (in IBM)
  • Steered the FIRST implementation of IBM Web Sphere Ecommerce Suite for Reliance sales operation in the globe, in IBM and got recognized for the same
  • ¬†Piloted E-Governance for Maharashtra Government for implementing G2G, G2C, G2S in IBM
  • Administered the development of Legal Suite Products (like Court Room Server, Enterprise Server, Transcend and iTranscend clients) to International Criminal Court, Hague and Indian Courts
  • Created and delivered web application which managed 6000+ corporates and processes the health claims of 20 million lives with more than 12,000 concurrent users
  • Drove IT for manufacturing conglomerate to a cost efficient true digital transformation, for showing thought leadership, aligning business and facilitating improved top-line
  • In just six months, propelled customer satisfaction scores by 16 points from 78% to 94% months (highest scores in account history) and reversed failing account performing from 15% below target to exceeding target.
  • Delivered worldwide licensing and activation product in Microsoft and projects in OEM Operations Worldwide

It was an excellent journey working with a wonderful performing team!

My team is my strength. Seniors are my guides. Clients and other associates are my well-wishers. With this fundamental attitude, I could put my steps forward.

Suswaram Sridhar, IT Advidor & Strategist