Suswaram Sridhar

My Education

Started my education in Kendriya Vidyalaya (Central High School) @ Tirupati, AP, India.

Management Education

Selected Commerce as my main in college after high school. Then post graduated in Business Administration, During working years, did my specialized certifications in Management subjects from IIM – Bangalore.

Technical Education

During the end of my post graduation in 1988, I did my first computer education from Government of TamilNadu in GW BASIC and 8086 Programming. Then on, did many IT Certifications. Initially specialized in Databases then, ERP,  Cloud and currently trying to go in-depth in IOT.

Technical Exposure

Besides educating in technical and working in IT domain, I was fortunate to get exposed to many IT areas. From basic OS, Networks, Programming, I got exposed to latest technologies, methodologies and IT processes. Currntly, I want to select the IOT as my interest area, besides other latest technologies.

Professional Trainings

Professional Trainings from Fortune 50 Companies

Undergone intensive professional trainngs in Fortune 50 companies like Honda Motor Co. Ltd, TVS Suzuki Ltd, IBM, Microsoft and others in various management and technology desciplines. This helped in improving my practical skills to apply at workplace with ease and confidence.

MRP, ERP, Cloud Solutioning, Data Warehousing, Project & Program Management, TSP & PSP, Data Management, Leadership, Strategy building, IOT, Content Management, Quality Circles, Business Finance and many more areas. Ths gave me true confidence to provide successful solutions to the business.

My other studies & trainings

Beyond Education…

IT Strategy & Leadership

Besides educating in Business Administration, doing Strategy & Leadership education from IIM and training from Fortune  50 companies has immensly helped in sharpening my leadership skills and putting into action.

Data Management

Started my technical education in DataBase Studies then in Java and .Net and others. With strong Data Base knowledge, learnt Data Mining, Data Analysis, Data Warehouse and Data Management studies.

IT Quality Management

Got trainined in ISO 9001, 27001 and TSP/PSP. As an MR, I implemented SEI CMM L5, SSE CMM L5, PCMM, Six Sigma GB, ISMS, BS 7799 in multiple organizations. Got trained in Process Development.

True Digital Transformation

Educated in IT advanced technologies like – Cloud Solutioning, Data Management and IOT. Implemented true Digital Transformation Projects with professional education, training and practical implementations.

Drone Technology

With hobby & passion, after thorough education and professional training I became Certified Drone Pilot. Underwent intensive training on Drone Technology, Building, Flying, DGCA regulations and others.

IT Delivery Excellence

With excellent education foundation / trianing in IBM & Microsoft on IT Project & Program Management, completing 40,000 hours of professional IT Deliveries. This is my core strength.

Just a Fun Fact

Education / Trainings Completed & still counting

Mngt Education & Training

Technical Education & Training

Other Education & Trainings

Education in Progress

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